Why Ozone is Dangerous and How it Should Be Used in Air Purifiers?

Why Ozone is Dangerous and How it Should Be Used in Air Purifiers?

As an Air Purifier manufacturer of international standards we know exactly what should be done and what kind of filters should be used to make the air perfect for breathing but some reputed companies are designing Cheap Air Purifiers only based on Ozone Technology which is really a serious cause of concern.


Ill effects of using Air Purifiers based on Ozone Technology

Basically, there are mainly two types of air purifiers – filter based air purifiers and ozone based air purifiers. Filter based air purifiers uses multiple filters to clean air whereas ozone based air purifiers use ozone gas to filter out airborne particles. During this process, small amount of ozone is continuously released into the air which is very dangerous to humans.


Ozone emitted from ozone based air purifiers can:

  1. Trigger asthma symptoms
  2. Cause wheezing, coughing and chest pain
  3. Raise human sensitivity to pollens, molds
  4. Could be responsible for permanent lung damage
  5. Deaden your sense of smell
  6. Cause heart illness, cancer and premature aging

Means in case an air purifier, purely based on ozone purification system is used by the person having respiratory disease could make the condition worse and could trigger asthmatic attack and for healthy person these air purifiers could work as a slow poison.

Ozone is no doubt a very strong sterilizer and should be used in severe cases where level of infection may be very high like in ICUs, Operation Theaters etc. and as it is a strong sterilizer it should be used in isolation.

“Ozone Air Purification is never required in normal conditions like in Office or Residence, but are perfect for Hospitals and yes, should be used with great care”


Atlanta Air Purifier uses Ozone as an additional disinfectant only in Medical Air Purifiers and that too is an optional feature

We recommend the use of Ozone Purification only in isolation, means, room should be empty with the machine on and should be kept on for half an hour only and even after switching off the machine, no one should be inside the room for atleast 2 hours.


Conclusion: Never go for cheap Air Purifiers using only ozone technology. It will do more harm than any good.


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