Gama Pure 333
Hepa Pure (White) 40-watt air purifier

Gama Pure 333
Hepa Pure (White) 40-watt air purifier

Gama Pure 333<div class='prohead2'>Hepa Pure (White) 40-watt air purifier</div> Gama Pure 333<div class='prohead2'>Hepa Pure (White) 40-watt air purifier</div>

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INR 14,950

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Welcome the multi-talented GAMA Pure 333 with HEPA filter, a state-of-the-art air purifier  that helps keep indoor air free from dust (PM2.5 and PM10), gases, smoke, bad odour, allergens and air borne infectants.

The GAMA Pure 333 has an advanced 3-stage air purification technology that includes Pre-filter, H13 grade HEPA, Activated Carbon. Gama Pure 333 is very effective in combatting air pollution in the Indian environmental conditions and in preventing ailments like asthma, allergy and air borne infections. The higher availability of fresh air helps enhance health and memory levels in children.

GAMA Pure 333 is an ideal product for homes, hospitals, guest houses, small offices, hotel rooms and doctor’s chambers. It can be operated via both remote control and manual. Timer and sleep modes are the added benefits you get with the product. Manufacturing Details: CIXI BEILIAN ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE CO., LTD. Ningbo, P.R. China


iCluster Technology is Atlanta Healthcare’s unique air purification technology which focuses on eradicating various pollutants in the indoor air. A single filtration technology cannot eradicate all the air pollutants present in the air. In order to achieve maximum protection in indoor space, we need to rely on the usage of multiple filters. Atlanta Healthcare’s iCluster Technology provides relief and protection from pollutants in totality with synchronized multi-stage intelligent filtration.

Beta350 – HEPA PURE incorporates seven filters that eradicate pollutants from the indoor space in totality.

Stage 1: Pre-Filter

The pre-filter removes coarse particles which prolong the life of other filters and improves overall effectiveness.

Stage 2: HEPA (H13) Filter

The HEPA filter absorbs particulate such as spittle and cuts off transmission of virus. It also removes fine dust particles up to 0.3 micron.

Stage 3: Activated Carbon Filter

Activated carbon filters are bio-synthesized from walnut shells, the activated carbon filter catalyses and decomposes harmful gases like H2S and NH3 from air efficiency. In addition, it removes VOC and odour in the room effectively, with efficiency of > 98%.


” These units can be configured for different applications as per the requirement of customers Can be used in medical and industrial applications also.
   MEDIPURE Version is also Available”


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