Living beside a heavy traffic road is killing you – Know How!

Living beside a heavy traffic road is killing you – Know How!


Do you live in a house or an apartment that happens to be just beside a road that welcomes heavy traffic all-round the day and every day? You might want to look for an alternative in a quieter neighborhood as living beside a heavy traffic can slowly kill you over the years. The sound and Air pollution generated by the plethora of automobiles passing through your house affects you and your family drastically.

Constant exposure to the pollutants in the air that are generated in mass by the automobile vehicles put your health at a high risk. Researchers claim that living near busy roads increase the risk of premature death by 7 percent. Few claims also state that constant exposure to nitrogen oxide (NO2) and sooty particulate matter (PM) drastically increases the risk of children developing diabetes. There are enough evidence of the dangers posed by air pollution, few contribute to asthma attacks, heart attacks and strokes. The microscopic particles that are largely generated by the diesel exhausts cause damage to lungs, blood vessels and also play a role in clotting.


People who live within 100-200 meters of a road that is exposed to frequent heavy traffic are the ones who are most at risk. The emissions of a vehicle can easily travel up to 500 meters and enter the residential homes and offices. Children are the ones who are affected at most and develop various respiratory problems. Even the elders are not immune to consistent exposure to these air pollutants. Ladies that are carrying a baby are at high risk of giving birth to their baby with malfunctioned lungs.

With ever growing number of vehicles being purchased every year, the problem of traffic and air pollution is never going to end. If you are concerned about the well-being of your family then its best to never invest in houses that are closer to roads with heavy traffic. If you are among the ones who already inhabit in such locations then you need to worry much as you can still protect your family when indoors.

There are several air purifiers in the market that filter air with innovative technology and replace the bad air inside your house with pure air. These air purifiers drastically reduce the effects of pollution on people of all age groups. You can easily find brands that sell air purifiers and each one of them offer several benefits. Though, it is always better to go for a brand whose niche is in air quality management as they would have purifiers that are extensively made to filter air with unique technology.

The number of filters that you would need to buy depends on the kind of problems that you are trying to avoid. The iCluster Technology uses 7 filters to obliterate various pollutants from the air. The technology uses a pre-filter, ESP filter, Molecular Sieve Media, HEPA/ULPA, Activated Carbon, Cold Catalyst, Fibre filter, Photo Catalyst, UV filter and ionizer.

Breathe pure and keep yourself safe at all times.


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