Difference Between Air Freshener and Air Purifier

Difference Between Air Freshener and Air Purifier

Air fresheners have become a staple in modern homes and offices. After all, who doesn’t want a pleasant and healthy atmosphere to live in? But wait, if you too try getting an air freshener for your home or office. Because, the truth behind these fresheners may be the alarming reality that most of them are posing serious health risks. Read on.

Before we proceed, here is an important point to consider. There is a clear difference between an air freshener and an air purifier. While air fresheners just mask the odor of the air, an air purifier actually removes the source of bad odor in order to leave you with pure, fresh air to breathe. Both the commercial products work on completely different technologies and have their own set of pro’s and con’s. However, an air purifier is definitely something that you want to get for a place you live in. But this is a point for later discussion; first explore the science behind an air freshener and how it is dangerous to individuals and environment. Here we go.

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Mainly, air fresheners are of two types – continuous action and instant action products. Continuous action products use some sort of heat source to burn or vaporize fragrance formulation to release fragrance/ aroma into air inside room, whereas instant action products are basically aerosol sprays or atomizers containing fragrance in a sealed container. When its nozzle is pressed, droplets of fragrance come out of it and spread along the room. Instead of removing the cause of bad odor, both types of air fresheners just introduce aroma/fragrance into the air of interior space to mask the odor. Another drawback of air fresheners is they contain potentially dangerous chemicals known for posing serious health risks. By this portion of our discussion it is apparent that air fresheners don’t eliminate distasteful odor but just cover it up. This means that air fresheners should not be your preferred choice if you have respiratory illness, asthma or some sort of allergy.

Contrary to this, an air purifier removes airborne particles from air of interior space via either filtering or neutralizing strong odors. Not only bad odour, an effective Air Purifier like Atlanta Air Purifier; removes almost all pollutants from the air and make the air safe to inhale. Fortunately, air purifiers associate no health risks with them thus should be your first choice.


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