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1234The Atlanta Healthcare car air purifiers use advance 4 stage filtration technology to protect you from most common problems inside the car such as PM 2.5, dust, smoke, pollen, mites, germs, spores, pet dander, mustiness in air, bad odour and formaldehyde, toluene, xylene and other gaseous pollutants. It is equipped with one of its kind “Dual Fan Technology” (1st time in India) giving you higher CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate). It's a healthy companion for you and your loved ones for memorable on road experience in polluted cities.

air purifier for car


One Touch Operation

The product is so simple and easy to use, all operations can be controlled from just 1 button.

Do it yourself

Atlanta Healthcare Car Air Purifier are very easy to deploy, use and maintain. Just anyone can do it.

Auto Stop/Start

All you need to do is just unpack it, place it in the car, insert the socket and it starts functioning. Keep it simple is the objective.

Purify Air in 10 minutes

Such powerful is the Dual Fan technology that it can show effective difference in Air Quality in less than 10 minutes.

*Subject to climatic conditions and size of vehicle
MOTOPURE Ultra - For SEDAN/Heatchback



Particulate Matter (CADR)


Cleaning Module

Efficient Antibacterial Filter


High Efficiency HEPA


Modified Activated Carbon


Negative Ion



Rated Voltage

DC 12V

Rated Power


The Need of Air Purifiers for Car

The one highly air polluted area in a city is the highways and roads we drive on. It's not just about walking in a dark fog of pollution but we are not safe from air pollution even in our cars. There are numerous reasons attached to the deteriorating levels of air pollution inside your vehicle. They are cigarette smoke, odors, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, fumes from other vehicles, particles like mold, dust, pollen, and bacteria, and pet dander. Visible particles can be extracted easily but the real problem occurs when one breathes in tiny particles in smoke and fumes without even noticing it. This is where a car air purifier device works effortlessly removing all the harmful particles starting from most visible pollutants to the smallest gas particles with accuracy from the air inside your car.  

Breathe Healthy and Fresh Air with Atlanta Healthcare Car Air Purifier

What air purifiers do to an enclosed space, car air purifiers do to cars. Car air purifiers are the devices used to remove pollutant matters from the air and offer clean breathable air to the people sitting in a car. The only difference is their size. A car purifier taking a small corner in your car effectively removes the dust, pollen, pet dander, and gas particles. Choose Atlanta Healthcare car air purifier for complete protection from these dangerous air pollutant particles. First time in India, experience the ultimate purification process with Dual Fan Technology. Easy to use, Atlanta brings you the one-touch operation purifier, just place it and connect it to the socket and you are ready to go. In just 10 minutes, you will have fresh and purified air in your car. It’s a perfect anti-pollution partner which offers 100% protection from the polluted air. With the best Atlanta Healthcare car air purifiers, have your lungs breathe in only healthy air.

How Do Car Air Purifiers Work?

Atlanta Healthcare car air purifiers offer advanced cleaning system to the users. It keeps you secure by dealing with harmful particles in a car like pollen, smoke, mites, odor, and others. What makes it best is the technology factors. Atlanta Healthcare car purifiers present “Dual Fan Technology” first time in India. Another noticeable factor is its higher Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR). It uses a 4-stage filtration technology, ensuring the best ever care to your health inside a car. It has:
  • Anti-Bacterial Filter - Removes pathogenic bacteria like virus and fungi, keeping you free from diseases.
  • HEPA HEPA Filter - Eradicates airborne particulates like dust, pollen, smoke, and others.
  • Activated Carbon - Helpful in removing gases particles and car fumes including odor, formaldehyde, and VOCs.
  • Ionizer - Offers negative ions to neutralize the air which eventually provides fresh air.
Expect a top-notch, full-range purification process inside your car with car air purifier from Atlanta Healthcare and give your family members air which is purified and safe to inhale.

Why Atlanta Healthcare

Atlanta Healthcare offers best services in air purification through products like air purifiers, car purifiers, anti-pollution masks, and others. A car is amongst the major possessions of many people. Indeed, you would want to add a stylish and useful accessory in your car. Make one really important investment that your car needs the most, a car air purifier from Atlanta Healthcare. Suffer no more with bad odor and harmful air particles. Get home our world-class car purifier and give your loved ones a gift beneficial for their long-term health. With Atlanta Healthcare car purifier, go on frequent road trips without having to worry about air pollution and enjoy the adventures.