Know the air you breathe

Where all can Node help?


ensure learning and development
  • Knowing what students breathe is the best step to provide healthy air so that students can succeed in the classroom and beyond.
  • Continuous exposure to particulate pollution inside classroom would result in students facing breathing problems.


ensuring healthy environment to exercise
  • It is always advisable to exercise with good air quality around you.
  • PM2.5 is more likely to cause damage during various aerobic activities.


ensure a healthy hospitality
  • Provide guest the information they need to plan their day
  • Distinguish your hotel brand by providing them clear air heaven!


boost productivity and focus
  • High CO2 levels in the office can make you feel tired, get headaches and lose focus.
  • Knowing when to ventilate your office with fresh air is the key to increase productivity.


rest easy & assured
  • Children and elders are more prone to irritation from indoor particulate pollution.
  • Ensuring pure air quality at home is essential towards the health of children and elders.


stay active & healthy even outside
  • Know when to put on a mask and venture outside and when to go for a picnic under the bright sunshine.
  • Node helps you keep your family safe even outdoors.


The WHO has identified air quality as world's leading environment health risk responsible for 1/8 of all deaths worldwide. Frequently, indoors(where we spend 90% of our time) is 3-5 times more polluted than outdoors.

Monitoring Cuts Cost

Extend your air filter's life and save thousands of dollars annually

  • Run air purifier only when needed
  • Optimise air filter usage
  • Identify air pollution leakage from outdoors
  • Differentiate your business by it's reputation for good air quality
  • Prevent absenteeism
  • Be confident about breathing pure air at all times

The AirVisual Node

Control your building with the world's smartest air quality sensor

Instantly detect dirty (PM2.5 high) and stuffy (CO2 high) air throughout a building and follow the advices to make cost-effective improvements.

Smart System Integration

Developing Data Driven Solutions

AirVisual Node allows you to configure your device to the PC/Laptop via to remotely monitor data of the node. You can view AQI levels, CO2 levels, temperature and humidity. You can also change the configuration of the node remotely via the web login. The world’s best air quality monitor helps you keep a watchful eye on the air quality you breathe.

The WHO has identified air quality as world's leading environment health risk responsible for 1/8 of all deaths worldwide.

Follow Recommendations: The Node suggests various recommendations based on the quality of air that it reads.

Smart mobile device: Carry Node along with you everywhere you go and keep a tab on the air you breathe.

Keep others informed: Inform your friends and family about the air quality using AirVisual website widget and app.

Access on Multiple Devices

Keep others informed of your air quality indoors and out with a website budget,app and display monitor.Keep others informed of your air quality.