The first step to improving the air we breathe is knowing

The Atlanta Healthcare AirVisual Node is the world's smartest Air Quality Monitor (AQM) that helps you breathe pure, by monitoring in real time the quality of ambient air.

The World's smartest air quality monitor

Monitor - Forsee - Recommend - Protect

The first step to improving the air we breathe is knowing

...what we breathe

...where it comes from it can be improved

The AirVisual Node is the world's most comprehensive solution to breathing clean,fresh air.

Instantly see invisible threats in the air, understand where they come from & take control.

The Node Helps you to

Deciphering the Node


The NODE provides personalised recommendatios with colour coded symbols to help improve the air quality. Illustrative recommendations include

Higher readings indoor?

You should ventilate.This may be from your stove, heater or candles.

Higher indoor and outdoor readings?

Your windows may be leaking.

Constant high indoor readings?

You may need to clear your filters.

High CO2 levels?

Open your windows to get fresh air.

Is your phone buzzing?

The AirVisual Node will alert you when your air becomes unhealthy.

Prepare yourself

Use the 3-day forecasts to plan when to go outside and open your windows.