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What are Air Purifiers?

As simple as it sounds, an air purifier is a device which is used to clean the air. It’s not really magic but a simple process in which the device traps airborne contaminants including various pollutants, allergens, bacteria and virus from a closed environment. Every air purifier works depending upon its technology and removes such harmful particles from the air. An air purifier in India for home comes with a powerful fan that takes the air in from the environment. After this, the air is passed through multiple filters to purify it. Almost every air purifier function in this way. Then how to find the best one for your home? The effectiveness of the air purifier is determined through the number of filters used, type of filters, size of filters and clean air delivery rate (CADR). Our indoor spaces are filled with dust, dust mites, mold spores, odors, chemicals, and toxins. To remove these harmful particles, different types of air purifiers are present in the market such as HEPA air purifiers, electrostatic precipitators, activated carbon, ultraviolet light air purifiers, and others. You can see variations in an air purifier price in India. Before buying one, let’s understand their effect and need as per the present scenario of air pollution in India.

Do We Really Need an Air Purifier in India?

As per the latest report related to indoor air, 1.3 million people die each year in India due to the poor quality of indoor air. For people who think indoor air is safe, indoor air is nearly 10 times more dangerous than the pollution outside your home or office. Indoor air pollution is proven to cause respiratory diseases, COPD, cardiac diseases and lung cancer. Moreover, it affects all age groups. Especially, the condition is much worse in regions like Delhi, Mumbai, Varanasi, and others. The need for an air purifier in Delhi has become a need and not a choice. If you live in a city which is at an alarming level of air pollution like Delhi-NCR region, buying an air purifier in Delhi will be a wise decision towards good health.

Choose Health, Choose Atlanta Healthcare

The Atlanta Healthcare air purifier in India includes the iCluster Technology for removing various pollutants from your home and office spaces. Unlike other air purifiers, Atlanta Healthcare uses a multi-stage filtration process eradicating pollutants like gases, particles, bacteria, virus, smell, smoke, and other harmful suspended particles. It uses smart and synchronized filters:

Pre-filter captures the large particles like dust and pet dander present in the air. An important part of the air purifier, the life of the HEPA filter is dependent on the pre-filter. If it’s not there, the HEPA filter will get clogged by large air particles. Best thing is, you can clean it using a vacuum cleaner.

Different from pre-filters, the ESP filter eradicates fine particles from the air. Get rid of invisible dust and smoke particles in no time.

Molecular Sieve Media
This material comes with even size pores which absorb small molecules including SOx, NOx, and H2S present in the air.

HEPA / ULPA Filter
High Efficiency Particulate Air or HEPA is a high-level filtration system effective in removing a wide array of airborne pollutants and asthma triggers like dust mites, pollen, mold, pet dander etc. The activated carbon filter is always combined with HEPA Air filters and efficiently removes 99.97% of airborne irritants of the size 0.3 microns. Ultra Low Particulate Air or ULPA removes airborne particles (up to 0.1 microns) with an efficiency of 99.99 %.

Activated Carbon Filter
With the help of the activated carbon filter, a gas element bonds with the surface of a solid. The activated carbon material absorbs airborne pollutants equivalent to 60% of its weight. Once the airborne particles are absorbed by the filter, only the pure air flows out.

Cold Catalyst
It absorbs the tiny particles present in the air along with decomposing formaldehyde like dust and odor.

Fiber Filter
Supporting the HEPA filter, the fiber filter helps in minimizing VOC gases and odor and maximizing purification efficiency.

Photo Catalyst Filter
Here, titanium dioxide TiO2 acts as the catalyst in order to clean the air. When UV light shines on the titanium dioxide, electrons are released at the surface of the catalyst. The electrons interact with water molecules in the air and break them into hydroxyl radicals. These hydroxyl radicals attack the pollutant molecules, breaking apart their chemical bonds and turning them into a harmless substance.

This new technology filter kills considerable bacterial pollutants from the air. Extremely helpful for people suffering from asthma, allergies, and lung issues.

The ionizer in the air purifier for dust removal generates several negative ions, keeping you fresh. These ions are found near waterfalls, mountains and green areas like forests to make your mind and body feel vitalized.

Ensuring effective cleaning of air, these filters trap all the pollutants right from big particles to the smallest ones. Also, we provide a reasonable price to buy air purifier online in India. The Atlanta Healthcare air purifier in Delhi and other parts of India offers complete relief from the indoor air pollution in your budget and allow you to breathe in the pure air only.

Uses of Air Purifiers by Atlanta Healthcare

We, at, Atlanta Healthcare understand the importance of pure air for you and your dear ones. We offer management of air quality through devices like air purifiers. Using air purifier for dust removal and inhaling clean air is a common strategy involved in the purifiers. But the multi-stage iCluster technology used in our HEPA air purifiers follows a critical process of 7-stage filtration for a complete protection. Atlanta Healthcare home air purifier is a distinguished name in India and many people enjoy cleaner air in their home and office.

Available with the best quality and affordable air purifier price in India, Atlanta Healthcare is a reliable name in the industry. With deteriorating air quality, it’s high time that everyone takes a crucial decision to fight against airborne pollutants. Buy air purifier online from Atlanta Healthcare which gives 100% protection from indoor air pollutant particles so you can breathe in purified air forever. Protect yourself and your family from harmful air particles and give them a clean and healthy lifestyle for long.

Why Atlanta Healthcare?

Atlanta Healthcare, founded in 2010, is an air quality management company focusing on improving the quality of air and helping people breathe pure. Atlanta Healthcare’s products are used for both detection of air pollutants and prevention from them. Our products have been designed using best in class Technology to cater to extreme air pollution environments (indoor and outdoor).

Atlanta Healthcare, led by technological innovations, uses data and IoT to create smart solutions that facilitates people to breathe pure, no matter where they are.

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