Are Air Purifiers Safe?

Are Air Purifiers Safe?

Atlanta Air Purifier, a leading name in the Indian marketplace of Air Purifiers, advocates the increasing use of air purifiers in home and office environs in order to maintain air quality indoors; especially for allergy suffers and asthmatics who have allergy symptoms year-round due to several indoor allergens. We offer a whole range of air purifiers to choose from which are completely safe for individuals, as well as, atmosphere. Let us discuss how Atlanta Air Purifiers are safe.

Likewise many reputed companies in the market who manufacture different sorts of air purifiers, Atlanta Air Purifier is also known for its good quality Air Purifiers among its users. Apart from few companies which manufacture Ozone based Air Purifiers, almost all the big names in the world of air purification, manufacture filter based air purifiers which are said to be completely safe for humans and environment.



Then, how Atlanta Air Purifier is superior to all of them? Here lies the answer:

  1. Our devices use more than 11 filters to clean air indoors. No other air purifier in the market uses multiple filters to entrap airborne particles and other pollutants from air inside the room.
  2. Firstly, multiple filters in one device improve the accuracy of the model and allow you to get the most out of it
  3. Secondly, too many filters in one device are designed to work at different sorts of air pollutants at a time. This means that a single device can effectively manage various contaminants, straight away. In other words, smoke, gases, pet dander, bacteria, mold spores, germs, bad odor all collectively can be cleaned off via using an Air Purifier from Atlanta.


Besides, we also train you to how to keep your filter based devices at its optimum working state to get the maximum output from it. If you use air cleaners that use filters to clean air near them, you must keep their filters dirt free and hygienic. Just like water purifiers your filter based air cleaner needs maintenance to leave you with healthy air. Clean its filters regularly or change/replace them on time so that you can enhance their efficiency. After all, reducing risk of allergens is what you want, to stay healthy. If its filters get clogged, not only its effectiveness and quality drop drastically, but also your concern of reducing risks of allergens is not solved. So, with regular maintenance you can get the best results from your filter based air cleaner and this way, definitely your air cleaner is safe for your family.

Before concluding, we also manufacture Air Purifiers with Ozone as an optional feature but these Air Purifiers always come with a set of advice about how and when to use the Ozone Sterilizer.

Note: As stated many times on our site the Ozone is an optional feature that is used only in medical air purifiers and not in devices used in home and offices. We suggest you to empty the room while Ozone air purifier is on and make sure that no one enters the room even after switching off the machine for at least 2-3 hours. Read More….


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