You Are Breathing The Worst Air With Air Conditioners….

You Are Breathing The Worst Air With Air Conditioners….

In India, summer season is in full swing. During these days, A/Cs or air conditioners are seen as an indispensable part of our life. An air conditioner is an appliance that cools the room temperature for thermal comfort. But when you strive hard to maintain your environment comfortable via using an A/C, you neglect health risks which it can pose.


Few quick points about how air conditioners pose risk:

  1. When A/C is on, ventilation doesn’t make any sense. This means that in the absence of cross ventilation, air indoors gets more polluted than that of outside
  2. An A/C cools and dries the air indoors. In other words, it steals moisture from your skin and leaves it dry
  3. Because of everyday use or absence of regular maintenance, various sorts of micro-organisms, mold spores and virus can clog A/C’s filter/fan. Also, various microbes can be present in its draining system. This all greatly contribute to bad air quality indoors
  4. Micro-organisms in the A/C can also induce asthma, running nose, nasal congestion, bronchitis, respiratory tract infections and many more diseases
  5. The air circulation can transmit infectious respiratory diseases
  6. Research shows that people who work in over air-conditioned environments may experience chronic headaches and fatigue.
  7. Air conditioners are also known to circulate air-borne diseases


Air Purifier is the only choice you have, to negate the adverse effects of Air Conditioners

It is recommended using an air purifier along with an air conditioner. Range of Air Purifiers from Atlanta Healthcare helps you negate the adverse effects of A/C.

Atlanta Air Purifiers are smart enough to sense the presence of gases, virus, molds etc. in the room and start absorbing almost all pollutants from the air and delivers the air which is best to inhale in every sense. It also releases negative ions that not only helps in keeping the room indoors clean but keeps your mood fresh and make you feel active after you wake up.


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